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Keuka’s Partner Universities in China

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

Kunming, Yunnan Province, P.R.C.

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) was founded in 1951 and was appointed one of the provincial key institutes by the Yunnan Provincial Government in 1995.

Students from more than 20 provinces and cities from all over China study at YUFE. The university enrolls 12,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates and another 12,000 part-time, international and adult students. The teaching force consists of more than 1,300 faculty members, including 787 full-time lecturers.

Approved to confer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, YUFE has 17 teaching departments, including the School of Finance, School of Business Administration, and the International Business School, where the Keuka program is located. The library has a collection of 1.4 million books.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Tianjin, P.R.C.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST), formerly known as Tianjin Institute of Light Industry, was founded in 1958 and received its current name in 2002.

TUST enrolls more than 18,000 students in 11 doctoral, 39 master’s, 10 master’s of engineering, four on-job master’s for university teachers, and 62 undergraduate programs. There are 1,560 faculty members, including 269 master’s and doctoral candidate supervisors.

The university covers an area of 1 million square meters, including a building area of 500,000 square meters. Covering 26,000 square meters, the library stores more than 1.4 million books.

Jimei University

Jimei, Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R.C.

Jimei University consists of 19 colleges, offering 19 post-graduate, 49 undergraduate, and six associate undergraduate programs in eight disciplines: economics, law, pedagogy, literature, natural science, mechanical engineering, agronomy, and business administration. Keuka College works with two colleges at Jimei University: Chengyi College and Overseas Education College.

Jimei enrolls 22,688 full-time students who are taught by 1,525 full-time teachers, including 149 professors, 457 associate professors, 192 doctorate holders, and 742 post-graduate holders. The campus covers 1,275,800 square meters, while the total collection of the library includes 2,119,700 volumes, 1,700,000 million electronic books, and nearly 3,000 newspapers and magazines in Chinese and foreign languages.

Wenzhou University

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R.C.

Wenzhou University is located in Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, with the main campus situated in Wenzhou City Chasha Higher Education Park on 2,450,000 square meters. The Keuka China Program is located on the downtown campus, close to shopping and restaurants.

The University enrolls 24,690 students in its 20 colleges. There are 1,950 faculty and staff members, including 1,310 full-time teachers, 167 professors, 448 associate professors, 181 master’s and doctoral tutors, and 201 provincial and municipal academic and technology leaders.

A comprehensive teaching and research university, Wenzhou offers programs in business, humanities, music, physics, architecture, engineering, and more. The employment rate of Wenzhou graduates is approximately 90 percent.